2019 Leadership Retreat Agenda

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Do you struggle with Public Relations and Marketing? Are you looking for new and original ideas to promote your mutual?

The 2019 Leadership Retreat has the answers you're looking for! We have an exciting agenda designed to help you market your mutual!

Tuesday, October 22

Everything Old is New Again: Integrating Direct Mail for High Impact Communications

Sally O'Brien, The Badger Group

While direct mail was once the main form of communication with your members and customers, the emergence of digital forms of outreach as a low-cost alternative left some organizations backing away from direct mail. After years of relying on digital marketing for communications, organizations are finding that their messages are often being ignored, blocked or even deleted. Truly successful marketing campaigns have learned which communications work best using digital channels and which do best using paper. Learn how to harness the power of both digital marketing and direct mail so that your communications are more effective and increase response.

Public Relations and Your Community (Interview)

Conor Brown, Rockford Area Realtors®

WAMIC President Patrick Laws will conduct a one-on-one interview with Rockford Area Realtors® CEO Conor Brown. The Rockford Area Realtors® run a charity event that benefits the local community while highlighting the members of the association. Conor will talk about the strategies they use to get the most media exposure possible.

Public Relations and Your Community (Workshop)

Following the interview, Conor and Patrick will conduct a public relations workshop. Attendees will work as groups to develop PR and marketing strategies for various scenarios.

IRMI Demonstration

Michelle Waldrep, International Risk Management Institute (IRMI)

WAMIC partners with IRMI to provide online agent CE through our website. Michelle Waldrep will join us from the great state of Texas as she provides a demo of IRMI resources including their newest addition, Agribusiness. IRMI will provide a 30-day free trial of its resources immediately following the Leadership Retreat.

Enquiron Demonstration

Doug Dvorak,

Enquiron®, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, provides consultative business solutions to employers in all 50 states, across various industries, sectors and sizes. Since 1996, Enquiron has revolutionized the way that services impacting HR, Employment Law, Health Care, and more are delivered to and utilized by the everyday business. 

Doug Dvorak will remotely host a short demonstration of the products and services offered by Enquiron. 


Roundtable Discussions

Following the IRMI demonstration, we will have roundtable discussions among our attendees. If you have questions about claims, underwriting, loss control, corporate governance, board issues, management issues, or anything else, this is your chance to get input from your friends and colleagues.

Wednesday, October 23

LinkedIn & Facebook

Kristin Olson, Cooperative Network

If you missed Kristin's highly rated session at the Short Course in May, you're in luck! She's back with a deeper dig into the wild world of social media. Kristin will talk about LinkedIn and Facebook. She will provide practical information about the tools available on both platforms, strategies for using them to their greatest potential, and some of the pitfalls of social media.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet

Patrick Laws, WAMIC

The internet may be a cyber version of the Wild West, but that doesn't mean there aren't some great resources there. Patrick will guide you to interesting and useful websites and apps for your Smartphone.