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The Wisconsin Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (WAMIC) is a trade association representing 60 mutual insurers who are based and write in Wisconsin. Most WAMIC member mutual insurance companies were founded in the late 19th century. At that time, large insurance companies would not offer insurance in rural areas, and much of Wisconsin was very rural then. Citizens of smaller communities throughout the state organized their own insurance companies for their mutual protection.

Today, town mutuals are still providing insurance to members in their communities — including yours!  Our mutual member companies have served their communities for well over a century now, and are an integral part of Wisconsin’s history and economy. 

The WAMIC Dairy Challenge

Wisconsin's dairy industry has taken a big hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. On April 24th, United Mutual Insurance Company donated $100 to the ICAA – Taylor County Food Pantry in Medford and $100 of milk to the Open Cupboard, a food shelf servicing Osceola and Dresser WI area to show support for dairy farmers and help the community. United Mutual President Tony Wilke challenged our mutual members to purchase Wisconsin dairy products and donate them to their local food pantries. WAMIC members have purchased and donated over $4,500 of Wisconsin dairy products to local food pantries!