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The Wisconsin Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (WAMIC) is a trade association representing 60 mutual insurers who are based and write in Wisconsin. Most WAMIC member mutual insurance companies were founded in the late 19th century. At that time, large insurance companies would not offer insurance in rural areas, and much of Wisconsin was very rural then. Citizens of smaller communities throughout the state organized their own insurance companies for their mutual protection.

Today, town mutuals are still providing insurance to members in their communities — including yours!  Our mutual member companies have served their communities for well over a century now, and are an integral part of Wisconsin’s history and economy. 

What is mutual insurance?

Mutuality is when a large group of people agree to mutually share in a risk. If one member of the group suffers a loss, everyone helps that member recover. This way no single individual has to bear the full burden of a loss.

A mutual insurance company is governed by a Board of Directors. The directors of WAMIC member mutuals must be policyholders of the mutual so that the decisions they make as directors will affect them as well as other policyholders. Directors and managers are from your community, and you have access to them that is unusual in this digital age.

As a policyholder, YOU are the owner of the company. There is no emphasis placed on return on investment for the stockholders because there are none. The company exists to pay claims, remain solvent, and support the community. As an owner of the company, you have certain rights. You have the right to attend the annual meeting of policyholders, to run for election as a director, and to vote for directors. You have the right to have an active voice in the operation and direction of your insurance company.