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Current Positions Available:

Farm & Commercial Underwriting Manager

Mt. Morris Mutual Insurance Company

Job Description

Multi-Line P&C Underwriter

Mutual of Wausau Corporation

Functional Role:
The essential function of the underwriter is to work with assigned agencies to build relationships
that enhances the agents’ impression of the company and assist the agents in submitting
business that fits the developed underwriting guidelines. Included in this role is reviewing new
business application submissions and policy change requests by applying rules and proper rate
to maintain the profitability of the company.

Other functions include:
Visit agencies in assigned territory to develop a business relationship, provide

  • educational training, updating agents on product developments and to obtain relevant
    market feedback from each agency.
  • Participate in department projects to enhance or develop products and marketing
  • Participate in training sessions for our agents.
  • Participate in our annual policyholder meeting and/or agent meetings.
  • Some travel to attend continuing education seminars related to the underwriter’s job.



A post-secondary degree or relevant work experience is required. A bachelor’s degree in
business or a degree in a related field such as economics, mathematics, statistics, or
construction is desired.

A minimum of three years’ P&C insurance experience is required with a good understanding of
insurance terminology and forms.

Necessary Skills:
An underwriter should possess strong verbal and writing skills and be able to communicate with
agents in a positive, professional manner. Analytical and reasoning skills are also critical.

The underwriter is delegated sufficient authority to accept new application submissions or
change existing policies to fit the guidelines of this company as described in the agents and
underwriting procedure manuals. If an agent disagrees with the decision of the underwriter,
they may request a review from the Underwriting Department Manager. The manager has the
authority to override. It should be noted that this process of appeal to the manager is necessary
to best serve our agents and policyholders. Those risks falling outside the guidelines require
approval from the Underwriting Department Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must understand all policy programs and screen submitted applications to ensure the risk
    qualifies for coverage in the program requested.
  • Understand all underwriting guidelines and apply them to applications, policy change requests
    or policy renewal reviews.
  • Promptly respond to agents through email or phone to assist them in properly writing and
    submitting applications or policy changes.
  • Review all recommendations from the field inspections made on inspection narrative and take
    action if necessary.
  • Setup follow up diaries to monitor risks for possible future action to ensure the risk continues to
    meet company underwriting standards.
  • Evaluate policies referred from claims concerning claims issues, frequency or other property
  • Review and plan marketing activities that enhance the relationship with agencies and company
  • Study company competition to continually develop and enhance company products and
    marketing materials.
  • Any other duties as assigned.

Vice President of Mutual Assistance

Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation
Reports to: Sr. Vice President of Reinsurance
Exempt (not subject to overtime)

Posting Effective: 09/11/2019

Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation is hiring a Vice President to supervise and lead the efforts
of the Mutual Assistance Team within the Reinsurance Department. This person will work with
our Senior Vice President of Reinsurance and serve as a member of the department’s Executive
Team. Primary responsibilities are to coordinate the consulting services provided to our clients
in the areas of loss prevention, underwriting, and loss adjusting. Additional duties include
working with client companies’ boards of directors and providing managerial guidance to client
company managers. Strong interpersonal skills, effective written and verbal communication
skills, and a dedication to the mutual insurance industry are important qualities for success in
this position. Prior experience as a manager of a farm mutual insurance company is
advantageous. Moderate travel is to be expected and a corporate vehicle will be provided.

Appraisal Form: Core

WRC Competencies:
Core - Customer Service, Teamwork, Ethical, Innovation
Senior Leader - Model the Way, Inspire Employee Commitment, Holistic Thinking, Visionary

Other Competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) required of candidates:
Prior management of a mutual will be considered a plus.
Good presentation skills.
Active in state and national trade associations.

Educational Requirements:
Undergraduate degree or work-related experience.

Lifting Requirements: minimal

Overnight Travel: 
Extensive overnight traveling.

Home Office:
Maintenance of a home office or office. The company expects that work-at-home employees will
make necessary arrangements so they can work when necessary without interference from some of the
distractions that can occur at home, such as visitors, childcare, or household duties. Although working at
home can mean more flexibility for employees, WRC expects all of its employees, including those working
at home, to project a professional image at all times to clients and customers. This includes such things as
being available to take uninterrupted telephone calls when scheduled to do so and maintaining an
atmosphere in which noise and distractions are kept to a minimum during work hours.

Corporate Vehicle:

It is the employee’s responsibility to maintain the corporate vehicle and use it in a safe and legal manner.
This includes the required use of a seat belt while operating the vehicle. Employees must also maintain all
safety features of the vehicle. If any safety feature is not operating properly, the employee is required to
report this to their supervisor immediately and have the safety feature repaired as soon as possible. It is
also the employee’s responsibility to maintain a valid driver’s license. If an employee is traveling for
business or anytime while driving a corporate vehicle, the employee must pull off to the side of the road
when sending or receiving calls by cellular phone. Employees must not talk on a cellular phone while
driving. If an employee must use the cellular phone while driving, the employee must use a hands-free
method (such as a headset). Employees driving for business purposes or anytime while driving a
corporate vehicle are not allowed to “text” or “email” while driving.

Company equipment (for employees with a home office) - Use of company equipment.
The equipment is the sole property of the company and must be maintained appropriately.


  • Manages Mutual Assistance initiatives
  • Coordinate client assistance in areas of loss prevention, underwriting, and loss adjusting, 
    including subrogation and salvage.
  • Coordinate meetings for managers, new managers, industry conventions, and seminars.
  • Assist clients in board/manager relationships, mergers, marketing, and administration.
  • Identify clients that need to improve and prioritize where assistance from WRC is needed most.
  • Develop plans for improving client performance tailored to individual needs and evaluate the
    effectiveness of the plans.
  • Supervise Mutual Assistance team.


  • Communicate and coordinate activities with WRC Staff.
  • Design, arrange, promote and present educational programs and seminars for reinsured clients.
  • Attend industry meetings to promote WRC and its activities.
  • Visit individual companies to determine needs and problems.
  • Assist webmaster with website for coverage issues, downloads, and discussions issues.
  • Issue and promote alerts and newsletters on industry issues.
  • Assist state and national trade associations in training.


  • Analyze current and new issues impacting reinsured client companies.
  • Work with Claims Consultants in identifying loss trending and patterns.
  • Work with Research and Development in identifying new products or program features needed
    by reinsured client companies.


  • Provide operational audits and rate adequacy studies to clients.
  • Maintain, catalog and make available technical information resources.
  • Work with WRC Staff and industry on new reinsurance ideas and solutions.
  • Assist in coordination and cataloging of and responding to educational requests from clients
  • and associations.


  • Member of WRC Executive team.
  • Refer feedback from clients to Reinsurance Department and other WRC Group entities.
  • Attend meetings to promote WRC and industry activities.


  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by Sr. VP of Reinsurance and President & CEO.
  • Assist in projects and seminars with other WRC Staff.

Job Requirements:
Minimum twice a month presence in the home office and overnight stay.

Computer programs required for position:
Microsoft Office