Employment Opportunities

Current Positions Available:

Reinsurance Marketing Representative

Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation

Effective 6/25/2019

Job Description

Property Loss Consultant

Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation

Effective 6/25/2019

Job Description

Company Manager/Adjuster

Mt. Pleasant-Perry Mutual

Job Description

The Company Manager/Adjuster’s duties and responsibilities are summarized below. This summary includes many of the duties, but other duties may be asked of the Company Manager/Adjuster. These duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Directly responsible to the Board of Directors for the Company operations.
  2. Implement the policies of the Board of Directors.
  3. Provide current and accurate reports of the Company business and progress of the business plan.
  4. Keep informed on current insurance regulatory changes, practices and trends.
  5. Manage Company property.
  6. Recruit, appoint, and train qualified agents and agencies subject to Board approval.
  7. Train and supervise office employees.
  8. Oversee and supervise the development and updating of a Company procedures manual.
  9. Develop and implement a marketing plan including internet and social media.
  10. Supervise the Office Manager, including but not limited to: underwriting, issuing policies, endorsements, billings, collecting company monies, payment of all bills, losses, expenses, coordinating work schedules for employees and reporting for reinsurance and government.
  11. Assist with annual Mt. Pleasant-Perry Audit and OCI Audit.
  12. Review and recommend Reinsurance coverage.
  13. Manage all claims reported to MPPM including signing Proofs of Loss and payment of all losses. Adjust all losses that exceed $1,000 or supervise independent adjusters. Contract the use of O & C specialists, Engineers or Attorneys when needed. Report to the Board the status of losses.
  14. Annually review the Investment policy, implement changes and report results to the Board.
  15. Conduct and prepare agent meetings when needed.
  16. Recommend underwriting practices and rating procedures.
  17. Prepare agendas for Board Meetings. Attend all Board meetings and special meetings. Provide all financial and other reports requested. Review Company performance with the Board.
  18. Attend meetings and informational seminars including but not limited to WAMIC and WRC. Participate in WAMIC, WRC, Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations activities when appropriate.
  19. Make arrangements for the annual meeting, including room arrangements, lunch, door prizes, etc.
  20. Review and inspect all applications for new business.
  21. Counsel with independent adjuster/inspectors/loss prevention individuals for the benefit of the company.
  22. Assist the Board in developing and implementing a Strategic plan and CAT plan.
  23. Assist the Board in developing a Vision and Mission statement.
  24. Agree that upon termination/separation of employment to surrender all papers, books, records, camera, and copies in whole or in part pertaining to the Company or its business.
  25. Inspect, endorse, restrict, non-renew or cancel all policies that do not meet MPPM guidelines.
  26. Understand and perform all daily office duties in the absence of the Mt. Pleasant-Perry Mutual Office Manager.
  27. Any other duties and responsibilities as specified by the Board.

Manager Qualifications

Manager must have or be able to gain a working knowledge of:

  • Financial matters
  • State Regulations
  • Insurance forms
  • Claims process
  • Underwriting
  • Inspections
  • Building construction costs, processes and materials.
  • Farm machinery values and mechanics.


  • Be of high moral character.
  • Understand the business of insurance.
  • Have the ability to organize.
  • Understand finances.
  • Be a people person.
  • Be a public face of the company.
  • Be able to handle stress and crisis.
  • Have Common sense and the ability to learn.
  • Be available afterhours, weekends or holidays
  • Have the ability to obtain a Wisconsin agents license.
  • Work towards PFMM and other certifications.

Customer Service Representative Position

Job Description

All-Star/Newark Mutual Insurance Company is looking for a skilled problem solver to join our team as a Customer Service Representative. This position will be offered as part-time, with the potential of moving into full-time for the right candidate. We need an enthusiastic individual who is a motivated, self-starter and very organized with their tasks. The successful candidate for this role will have a strong knowledge of the company’s customer service policies and will be well-trained in product knowledge that can be critical for offering quick and accurate assistance to customers, agents, etc. Starting pay will be anywhere from $12-15 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Answers incoming customer calls regarding billing issues, product problems, service questions, general client concerns and transfers to the appropriate employee
  • Responsible for maintaining a high level of professionalism with clients and working to establish a positive rapport with every caller
  • Update customer information in the customer service database as necessary
  • Work with the management and other team members to stay updated on policies and procedures
  • Filing all necessary paperwork, files, billing etc. as needed

Qualifications & Skills

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • High school diploma/GED required (Associate degree in a business-related field preferred, but not required)
  • Ability to remain professional and courteous with customers at all times
  • Must be available to work business hours, along with one annual weekend meeting to attend
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills