2014 Farm Technology Days

 August 12-14
 Portage County
 Blue Top Farms and Feltz Family Farms

Stevens Point, WI


We have moved from Madison to DeForest

New contact information is:

7203 Gene Street, Suite A
DeForest, WI  53532

608/846-7203 tel
608/846-7015 fax


There are 57 Town Mutual Insurance Companies operating in limited areas throughout Wisconsin and 7 statewide domestic members of WAMIC. They are providing insurance protection to Wisconsin property owners to protect them from financial ruin in the event of catastrophe and to do so at a fair cost. These are community based insurance companies which are owned by their policyholders. There are no stockholders and any surplus either remains in the company’s surplus account or may be refunded to the policyholders – at the discretion of the policyholder directors.