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Person of the Year Award

The WAMIC Person of the Year award is presented to an individual (or individuals) who exemplifies the highest ideals of mutual insurance. Individuals honored with this award will demonstrate most of the following attributes:

  • Professional in their conduct 
  • Committed to the mutual insurance industry 
  • Involved by helping others and volunteering
  • Many years of service in the mutual insurance industry 
  • Successful financial results 
  • Respected by their peers 
  • Displays honesty and possesses integrity 
  • Is progressive and visionary

Nominations for this award come from the membership. Nominations are considered by the Board of Directors at the August Board meeting in anticipation of the Annual Convention traditionally held in September. If you would like nominate someone for Person of the Year, please complete and submit the online nomination form prior to August 1st, 2017. We cannot guarantee that any nominations received after that date will receive consideration.

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