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Congressional Contact Program Guidelines


  1. WAMIC will disperse the fly-in dates for the NAMIC Congressional Contact Program to all WAMIC members as soon as they are made available.
  2. The WAMIC District Directors will recruit two (2) attendees from each district for the program as well as up to two (2) alternates.
    1. If the WAMIC District Directors are unable to find an attendee by January 15th, they will notify the WAMIC President. The WAMIC President will contact alternates from the list provided by the WAMIC District Directors to fill the remaining open attendee slots.
  3. If no alternates are recruited, the WAMIC President will try to recruit attendees to fill the open slots.
  4. WAMIC will hold a conference call prior to the fly-in to brief attendees on the CCP.
  5. WAMIC will provide all attendees with an expense report in advance of the CCP.
  6. Attendees will provide copies of receipts for all reported expenses for reimbursement.
  7. The WAMIC President will review and approve all expense reports prior to reimbursement.
  8. WAMIC will reimburse all attendees within 30 days of submission of reimbursements.

Reimbursement Guidelines

  1. The amount budgeted for each attendee will be determined by the Board of Directors each November.
  2. WAMIC will pay for the attendee rooms for the entire Wisconsin delegation directly.
  3. WAMIC will provide two (2) evening meals for each attendee.
  4. Each attendee will provide receipts for travel expenses to WAMIC for reimbursement.