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Charles Kennedy Award

Charles Kennedy was a visionary who, more than any other individual in Wisconsin history, shaped the evolution of the mutual insurance industry. Kennedy dedicated 40 years of his life to mutual insurance in the Badger State. Kennedy graduated from the University of Wisconsin law school in 1936. As an attorney, Charles Kennedy represented the Wisconsin Town Mutual Reinsurance Company in a suit filed against a town mutual. Kennedy won the case, and Wisconsin Town Mutual Reinsurance hired him in 1938 to run the company. Charles Kennedy was instrumental in the development of the Wisconsin Association of Mutual Insurance Companies and Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation, both of which he led concurrently for most of his career.

Kennedy’s efforts as lobbyist for the mutual insurance industry eventually allowed mutuals to write wind and hail coverage in addition to fire coverage they already offered. Kennedy deftly maneuvered through the state legislature on many occasions to help mutual companies to continue to write competitively in Wisconsin. From package policies to liability coverage to multi-peril policies to unearned premium accounting, Kennedy tirelessly advocated for the Wisconsin mutual insurance industry.

The Charles Kennedy award is presented to an individual who has significantly contributed to the mutual insurance industry in Wisconsin and to WAMIC. Nominations for this award come from the membership. Nominations are considered by the Board of Directors at the August Board meeting in anticipation of the Annual Convention traditionally held in September.

If you would like nominate someone for the Charles Kennedy Award, please complete and submit the online nomination form prior to August 1st, 2017. We cannot guarantee that any nominations received after that date will receive consideration. All fields must be completed in order for nominations to be given consideration.

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